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Backflow Prevention in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Backflow Prevention

What is Backflow?

You have two types of pipes: a set that brings water into your building and one that carries waste water away from your building. Backflow occurs when the flow of water into your system is contaminated by waste water or other undesirable substances. 

What Causes Backflow to Occur?

Backflow occurs when contaminated water enters the main water system. This is usually the result of a change in pressure caused by the main water break or the release of large volumes of water. Contaminants come from “cross-connection” areas where inflow water meets outflow water.

How Do I Prevent Backflow?

Preventing backflow is simple when you are made aware of the hazard. We can install a bib device to all the cross-connections. If a change in pressure were to occur, the bib device would sense and prevent backflow water from flowing into the main water system. 

Make Sure Your Water is Always Safe

Backflow can be a major hazard for homes, businesses and industrial facilities. Prevent backflow before it occurs to protect your water system from any contamination. Call us to start preventing today.